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Interested in bulk plantain flour? Than you are at the right place! Read all about the flour, nutritional value, application and its uniqueness at this page.


Our company is specialized in plantain flour (in Dutch: Bakbananenmeel). This gluten-free flour can be perfectly used as a raw material for different kind of end products: cookies, bread (mixes), pie (mixes), cake (mixes), pancake (mixes) and pizza. In addition, plantain flour is particularly suitable to thickening sauces.


As plantain flour solely consists of dried unripe plantains, it is especially beneficial to those with dietary requirements, including: GLUTEN-FREE   |   WHEAT-FREE   |   YEAST-FREE   |   LACTOSE-FREE   |   DIARY-FREE   |   EGG-FREE   |   NUT-FREE. It also fits perfectly in diets such as Paleo, FODMAP and vegan.


In addition, plantain flour has a neutral taste and consists of a high amount of resistant starch (RS2), which has various health benefits, including improvement of the intestinal microflora.


In 2017, our plantain flour under white label received the AWARD FOR BEST BAKING PRODUCT of the Netherlands!



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Wholesale plantain flour
Bakbananenmeel pannenkoeken
Vegan en glutenvrije brownies
Glutenvrije chocolade biscuittaart met frambozen
Samara's glutenvrije bananenbrood met bosbessen



Batches are tested on gluten with the E.L.I.S.A. technique. The test results are < 5 mg/kg. An overview of the analyses can be send upon request.



Energy – 1459 kJ / 344 kcal

Fat – 0,7 g
* of which saturated – 0,3 g

Carbohydrates – 77,4 g
* of which sugars – 2,8 g

Fibre – 7,8 g

Protein – 3,2 g

Salt – 0,0 g



Due to the high amount of resistant starch in plantain flour, you need 40 – 50% less plantain flour when substituting it for other flours in recipes. For example, when the recipe prescribes 100 g wheat or spelt flour, you only need 60 g of plantain flour to reach the same results. In other words, less = more!

Glutenvrije Anzac biscuits
Glutenvrije kaneel muffins van bakbananenmeel
Maartens glutenvrije bananenbrood met wortel


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